Celebrating the individual

 So much of what makes Winchester exceptional is the people who are a part of the school. Also, its beauty - the buildings, the grounds, the setting. Our heritage and archives provide insight into the past, while our community partnerships prepare boys for a future of compassionate leadership.


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Teaching boys to think

 Academic excellence is achieved when boys and teachers share a love of learning. Extending beyond the curriculum, we explore each subject in richness and depth. The same dedication is also brought to music, sports and the arts.  A Winchester education is self-motivated, rounded and encourages a culture of curiosity
and exploration.

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“Chemistry is my favourite subject - it’s like art for a scientific mind, full of drawings, shapes and diagrams.”

Charles • Year Nine


A happy balance

Pastoral care is never behind the scenes at Winchester. The school operates as a fully-integrated community, where Housemasters, house teams, senior staff and teachers (known as dons) are all on-hand to support the boys throughout their school day, and their school career. Providing a sense of community and an appreciation of individual perspectives is not only our aim, but also
our proudest achievement.

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Supporting your application

Winchester has its own unique admissions process. We look for boys with enquiring minds and natural intelligence. Our founder’s ethos was to educate such boys, whatever their background, hence our generous bursary provision.  Experienced staff assist in every stage of the process, from initial inquiry through to choosing a house,
to sitting the entrance exams.



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